Darleen Klug

creator of Growing To Be Me

I was born in Germany, but raised in Portugal as I lived there for 12 years. I took a risk at 18 years of age to move to the UK in order to find purpose.
At the time I didn't know where I was going or what for, all I knew was that my intuition was telling me to jump... and I did. 
Five years have passed since I set foot in England, I moved 6 times and explored many career paths. It has been a roller coaster, but one worth going on. 


I always felt drawn to spirituality, but was afraid of being seen as crazy. So one of my first spiritual eye openers was a book called The Celestine Prophecy, by James Redfield. From then on, small and big encounters have shaped by beliefs and shown me that I am not crazy after all, and not alone on this journey. 


I had suppressed my authentic self for years and the spiritual path I am on now, has finally allowed me to grow into who I am. 


When I attended my first Womxn's Circle in 2019, all the judgment, competition and fear I had felt towards and from other women in my life was replaced by love, respect and compassion. It made me feel so abundant and helped me realise that we are all one. 

The moment I arrived home that day, I knew it was something that I would love to facilitate for others, as I always felt a need to help people.

After months of avoiding my intuition I finally gave in, looked past fear of judgement and began to hold space.


Now I have fully given into my calling, aiming to help you in any way I can. 
I hear and see you very clearly. 

The goddess in me, honors the goddess in you. 


my mission

I am on a mission, to help people love themselves and to allow vulnerability to come to surface without judgement. We all deserve love and kindness, but often we forget that those have to start within. I am here as a guide, to help you see all that you carry within.


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