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I began running Women’s Circles in 2019, as I craved to reconnect with sisterhood and find like minded people. From the floor of my living room, to Yoga studios and now to Zoom, I have been facilitating what feels like magic.

Throughout history, Women have gathered in circles to empower one another and share wisdom. Sadly, these practices that help us cultivate a deeper understanding of life, healthy relationships and inner peace have been lost – particularly at a time we may need it the most.
These circles are a great opportunity for you to come together with friends or complete strangers, whilst I will be creating an intimate and safe space where everyone can share their stories, fears, dreams and hopes.


This will help you discover that most of us are simply human and have so much in common. The individuals in the circle act like a mirror for each other, which gives us the opportunity to experience and dive into deep levels of connection, community and healing.
There is a guide within you. Take the opportunity to remember her or him, to ground yourself in the present moment, to check in with where you want to be going and release anything that no longer serves you.

Messages from god(desse)s that invested in a circle...


1. How do I book to attend a circle?

Get in touch with me! I usually try to keep our community updated via my Instagram @growingtobeme.

2. Who can attend? 

I do Women's Circles directed at women, but I also offer People's Circles which are inclusive of women, men and non-binary people. I believe that it's essential to have safe spaces for women, but I also believe that coming together as people, no matter background or identification, can open gates to vulnerability between us. 

3. Can I sponsor someone of BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic)?

Absolutely! If you would like to sponsor someone of BAME, get in touch and they will be given the opportunity to participate in the program at no extra cost.

4. How much does it cost to attend?

£44 per person to join an in-person circle.

You can sponsor a BAME person for either of these events or any of my programs. If you are a BAME womxn or man with no means to pay for this program but would benefit from participating, please get in touch!

If there are no sponsored spots left or you are BAME but cannot afford the full price, I will be offering you a space at a discounted rate. 

5. How long are the circles?

These circles usually last around two hours online and three hours in person.


6. What do we do in the circles?

We journal, meditate, share, move our bodies, reconnect to ourselves and find stillness.


7. Where do I hold them?

I hold the in-person circles in Leeds and Manchester (England), but also offer online zoom circles mainly through my membership Fierce Surrender. 

8. What if I’m too anxious to join online?

I understand some participants may not be comfortable on a call with strangers, in an unknown environment. That’s ok! If you feel like you want to join but would prefer to observe and do things in your own time, do it! You can turn your video and microphone off and soak up the loving energy without having any pressure of talking and participating.