Fierce Surrender

a safe space for you to be heard & seen

fierce /fɪəs/ 

strong & powerful

surrender /səˈrɛndə/

to give up control

Are you ready to trust the process, to give up control fully? Are you ready to feel empowered through surrender?

I created a membership?

I have indeed! Welcome to Fierce Surrender, where you make the incredible decision to empower yourself through surrender. You will learn to trust the universe, you will feel more held than ever before and you will be investing into your expansion on a monthly basis.


I have struggled with the sister wound for most of my life and have experienced traumatic relationships that have made it hard for me to find true community.


Now that I have found you (yes, you reading this) and all the other beautiful people that I have met over this last year, I really feel a sense of community. I feel more held in this world than ever before, not just due to people like yourself, but also to trusting this world I live in.

I have put together an accessible monthly membership where we are coming together as one.

Not only will this be a place where you can truly surrender, but also a place of inspiration and a truly supportive community. You are more held than you know.

Are you in?

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What's included:

TWO Monthly Online Sacred Circles (£88 value)
✔ Monthly Meditation (£33 value)
✔ Monthly Journaling Prompts Booklet (£33 value)
✔ Weekly Check-In in the Community
✔ Access to a Private Community
✔ Access to Replays 

Now ONLY: £22.22 p/m


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This is perfect for you if you are...

... looking to kick start your personal development or spiritual journey;


... looking for a community of like-minded people;


... wanting stillness, comfort and a safe space throughout the month.



1. How long is it? However long you would like to join for. You can cancel your membership at any time!

2. When does it start? DOORS CLOSED.

 3. Do I need to be a woman?  NO! Men, women, non-binary people, whoever you identify as, you are welcome in this space!

4. When are the Circles? The circles are spread around the month there will be one taking place in the morning on a weekend and one in the evening during the week. If you cannot attend you will have full access to replays. 

5. How much does it cost?  The price is currently £22.22 a month.

6. Do I need PayPal to sign up? Yes, but setting up an account with PayPal is very quick and FREE. Find more information HERE. 

7. Do I need to have experience with spirituality? Not at all, this is about your growth and expansion, it's all about the transformation. This is perfect if you are new to this!

8. What if I can't make it to a Session? There will be replays, which are just as powerful.