Growing to be YOU

Empowerment  Coaching

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A journey that will reconnect you to yourself & help you expand like never before, through personalised one-to-one support. 

"No counselling or medication can match the self care you have taught me."

                                                – Annabelle

Have you convinced yourself that you need to do it all by yourself in order to be worthy of the success? 

I feel you. I’ve been there. We’re taught that asking for help is a weakness, specially when it comes to work.

Ever heard these beliefs...?

“If I’m not exhausted I’m not working hard enough.”
“I can’t show this to anyone unless it’s perfect.”
“I will be judged for doing this, so I’ll play it safe.”

I’ve been there. It sucks. And it takes constant reminding when you notice yourself falling back into those.

What if I told you that you don’t have to do it all by yourself and that there are ways you can change those beliefs for you to have a life that fills your heart with love?

That’s right.

I’m sure some of you may have heard of coaches and mentors, well I’m one of them!
I can help you live a much more empowering life, being there every step of the way not just through sessions but any time outside of them too.

Requirements: fully body yes and a thirst to do the work!


"It was such a wonderful session. I always feel like you go above and beyond."

                                                – Ciara

I created this space to serve you as a mirror & guide on your unique journey to rediscovering & nourishing the magic that you carry within!

We have been taught to suppress our inner fire, without ever having a chance to truly know our divine roots and the magic that we hold. 

We were made to forget that we are here to lead and to share our magical gifts with the world!

The 1:1 work we will do is Empowerment work, meaning that we will dive into self-love, self-expansion, self-empowerment and create a space for you to be you as we uncover layers and practices that will help you lead a more heart-centred life

Every single client is different and I have seen so many souls expand in different ways through this work. I will serve as your guide, mentor, supporter and cheerleader.

"It was so insightful and I’m so excited to apply all the things we talked about in my life!"

                                                – Victoria


✔ ONE-TO-ONE Sacred Guidance (mentoring) sessions with me, Darleen, that will help guide you towards an even deeper understanding of yourself. We will break through limiting beliefs, fears & anything that is holding you back from living your most abundant life. 

 Personalised Worksheets and Tools. This will be unique to you and a way to hold you accountable for your work outside of our sessions.

Continued support via Voxer during this journey;

This online journey includes:

What can I help you with?

  • Achieving your highest personal & professional goals;

  • Self-love & self-care;

  • Spiritual journey;

  • Your confidence & leadership;

  • Stress, burnout & work-life balance;

  • Your life purpose & meaning.

  • Whatever is on your heart, if I am the right mentor for you, you will know!

You get to have your personal cheerleader & guide, whilst you get to flourish. How wonderful is that?


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You will love this if...

  • You are a person (ANY GENDER WELCOME) that is looking for guidance on their journey of consciousness, breaking through limiting beliefs & uncovering the true fire within;

  • You are ready to get to know & lead yourself like you have never before;

  • You want to experience expansion & abundance in yourself and your outer world;

  • You want to explore simply being, working with fear and healing trauma. 

After this journey you will...

  • Rise with confidence and knowledge of your capacity;

  • Emotional resilience and tools to work through limiting beliefs; 

  • More clarity and knowledge of your path;

  • Know how to love and to celebrate yourself;

  • The tools to release and work through fear and other blocks that come with each up levelling;

  • Resources to continue your inner work and take responsibility for the radical shifts in your life.

"The session today was incredible, I can already feel myself starting to respect my feminine fire more."


Answered questions:

1. How long is it? It is 4-6 months long. As you will start seeing real transformation around the 4 month mark. Quick fixes don't work, if you're fully committed this is for you.

2. Do I need to have experience with spirituality? Not at all, this is about your growth and expansion, it's all about the transformation. I am simply here as your guide and cheerleader. 

3. When would my 1:1 session be taking place? Whenever feels right for you, you will be able to book these sessions any time within those five months.

4. Are there any requirements?
A fully body yes, a thirst for more and commitment to do the work!