4-week transformational retreat

Reignite your inner Feminine Fire, by joining this journey of rediscovering your power & reclaiming yourself. 

Why have I created this space?

Our fire used to burn bright, but we have been taught to suppress it, without ever having a chance to truly know our divine roots and the magic that we hold as women. 

I am offering you this 4-week journey as a chance to experience your inner power at a new level, for you to be able to see all the magic that you carry within, to truly learn to let it shine!

Over the last few years, I have learned so much about this inner fire we carry as women and I want to share these lessons with you, as they have changed my life to the better. 


I am still a woman in process, we all are and will forever be, but this is a chance for you to embark on a beautiful journey that

will change your life. 

Let your inner fire burn bright.

This online journey includes:

✔ THREE juicy & life changing Online Workshops that will help you rediscover your inner flame. You will learn how to work with your intuition & reconnect to your body.

TWO Online Womxn Circles that will allow you to find sisterhood and come together in a safe space;

BONUS: ONE Q&A session catered to a topic of your choice;

Resources & Worksheets to continue the inner work in your own time;

Access to an exclusive Facebook Group for the next 2 months, that includes the replays of the sessions;

Surprise Gift that is personalised to you!

You will LOVE this if:

  • You are a woman (or identify as one) who is looking to fuel her inner feminine fire and personal growth;

  • You are ready to get to know yourself like you have never before;

  • You want to experience expansion and abundance in yourself and your outer world;

  • You want to grow and love yourself in ways you have never before. 

After the retreat you will have...

  • The tools to deepen the connection with yourself;

  • More confidence in yourself;

  • Recognised and learned to honour your inner Feminine Fire;

  • The tools to release and work through what may be holding you back;

  • Experienced sisterhood and the magic of women coming together;

  • Resources to continue your inner work.


1. How long is it? 4 weeks, but you will have access to replays for 2 months within the Facebook Group.

2. When does it start? I will be reopening the doors to this journey one more time later this year.

2. When are the Group Sessions and Womxn's Circles? The workshops and circles are spread around the course of the 4 weeks usually in the evenings at 7PM (UK time), if you cannot attend you will have full access to replays. 

3. How much does it cost?  Payment plan options start at £39 and the full price is £222. 

4.  Can I sponsor someone of BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic)? Absolutely! If you would like to sponsor someone of BAME, they will be given the opportunity to participate in the program at no extra cost. If you are a BAME womxn or man with no means to pay for this program but would benefit from participating, please get in touch!

If there are no sponsored spots left or you are BAME but cannot afford the full price, I will be offering you a space at a discounted rate. 

5. Do I need to have experience with spirituality? Not at all, this is about your growth and expansion, it's all about the transformation.

6. What if I can't make it to a Session? There will be replays, which are just as powerful.


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photos by Alexander Stagg


artwork by Vanessa Cardui